SlideWinder DX Coil Blue

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SlideWinder DX Coil Blue

High-quality HF Antenna Coil, Developed by M1ECC-Antennas

Easy to use, easy to install, easy to maintain.
Designed for use with all 3/8 24 tpi, Antenna fittings & Mounts.
Screws easily on to all Antennas & mountings by hand no spanners required.

Mobile / portable installation is the main application for our SlideWinder DX Coil.
They can be used for flat dwellers, Homebased use, Dealing with confined space or stealth Antenna installations.
Or anytime you need to use a resonant antenna without the need of a tuner.

The SlideWinder DX Coil former has 5 air gapped vertical grooves to improve the movement over the coil windings, When tuning using the Stainless Steel tuning Slider.
For proper spacing of the coil windings the coil former is grooved to keep the windings in place, High quality heavy duty 316 marine grade stainless steel wire is used.
So rust and corrosion will never affect your coil, It will look good years from now.
Coils are easily maintained by simply wiping the coil with a dry lint free cloth.

Stainless steel has the properties of being able to form a protective layer once scratched.
Sliding the tuning slider up and down on other metals would slowly erode their protective coating.
This would lead to corrosion of the coil causing arcing & coil failure.

Operate mobile, portable or fixed-station.
The SlideWinder DX Coil operates from 40 to 6m meters with a 102" Telescopic whip.
Depending on whip size we found the 17ft 1979 Telescopic whips by MFJ Tuned from 20m down to 60m.
Please be aware if using the SlideWinder DX Coil with a large 17ft 1979 Telescopic whip by MFJ
care should be taken to avoid excessive wind loading using this Antenna in wind speeds greater than 20mph, As most telescopic whip antennas are not that strong in high winds.
When used portable in the field or fixed-station the use of ground radials or tuned length elevated counterpoise wires is recommended.
For mobile operation smaller whips can be used, But your results may vary depending on your installation.
The car body depending on how well it is grounded may have an effect on antenna performance.

An easy-to-install coil only requires an antenna whip that can be purchased at any radio outlet that sells 102" whips.

SlideWinder DX Coils may be used at power levels up to 200 Watts SSB, 100 Watts CW and 25 Watts with digital modes.
Tuning, Slide tuning slider up and down coil until maximum noise or signal is received.
Fine tune for lowest VSWR Using an VSWR Meter or an Antenna Analyzer.

Features / Specifications

Standard 3/8 24 antenna mount.

Overall length 240mm.

Coil diameter 40mm.

Coil wire 316 Marine grade Stainless Steel.

Tuning Slider 304 grade Stainless Steel.

Tunes HF bands from 40 to 6m meters with a 102" Telescopic whip.

Power rating 200 Watts SSB, 100 Watts CW and 25 Watts with digital modes.

Weight 350g

* Disclaimer *

It should be noted that the Slidewinder DX coil should only be used in accordance to our specifications and within our stipulated intended use. All details of intended use are detailed above in the description.
We appreciate that our Slidewinder DX coil could be subject to customers own research and configuration testing. This is not in compliance with our stipulated intended use. We therefore accept no liabilities for such uses outside of our intended use and stipulations. Therefore, we  accept no liabilities or refunds which results in malfunction and breakdown of any parts of the SlideWinder DX Coil when used outside of it's intended use.

SlideWinder DX Coils Made in the UK by M1ECC-Antennas.

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