End fed halfwave vertical for 20m

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The Antenna is suitable for home or portable use.

The EFHWV 20M Favours DX due to it's low, 15 degree off the horizon angle of radiation,
What this means is your signal will travel much lower out from the antenna as a result bouncing off the ionosphere at a much further distance giving you a much longer hop distance thus favouring DX paths more so than local paths of propagation.

This antenna is fed with a resonant L\C Coupler tuned to 1:1 VSWR at 14.200mhz.
Feeding the antenna from the end of the wire requires the coupler to bring the high impedance of around 3000 ohms at the end of the wire to 50 ohms impedance at your radio's antenna socket.

The vertical wire element is a full half wavelength for the 20m band at resonance.
The Antenna is best installed with the Resonant L\C Coupler box at base of your non metal mast & using a 10m guyed Fibreglass fishing pole type mast, Using the supplied Velcro strap, The vertical wire element runs up the guyed mast & fixed to the top of the mast with the mast top insulator.

The ground terminal on the left side of the coupler box is connected to ground radial wires
It is recommended that a minimum of 4 ground radial wires are used but we found antenna performance was greatly improved by having 8 to 12 or more ground radial wires placed around the antenna each radial wire cut to around 4.5m in length.

If you intend using this antenna in various locations for portable use instead of trimming the vertical antenna wire element for the best VSWR, We recommend folding the wire back on it's self at the mast top insulator as the VSWR may vary at different locations you setup the antenna.

It is also recommend to fit a 1:1 line isolator choke close to the feed point of the antenna as this design of antenna can suffer from common mode current on the coax feeder.

EFHWV 20m , results of plots for 11/09/2020

This antenna is a mono band antenna designed for the 20m band only.

Frequency coverage 14.000Mhz to 14.350Mhz.

L\C Coupler tuned to 1.1 VSWR at 14.200mhz.

VSWR across the 20m band 1.1 to 1.5.

TX Power MAX 400W.

Connector SO239.

Antenna element Poly weave wire.

Weight 500g.

Made in the UK by M1ECC Antennas.

This Antenna requires our 10m fibreglass telescopic mast sold separately.

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