Delta Loop DX20

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Delta Loop DX20

FULL WAVE DELTA LOOP.  Configured as a delta loop or equilateral triangle, if laid flat will be good for near DX.  If vertical, or near vertical will provide low angle radiation which is good for long range DX in the direction of the loop (looking straight on at the front) and near DX off the sides. Gain 3.2dBd over a dipole antenna.

It is a full wave loop designed to operate on 20m other bands with an ATU.
There is a 4:1 balun at the feed-point enabling it to be fed directly with 50ohm coax

The loop comes complete with three insulators to provide anchor points.  It may be mounted flat (horizontal) or raised to a vertical or near vertical position, (A 10M Telescopic Fibreglass mast guyed is ideal for vertical use).

It may be configured as either a square loop (Quad) or equilateral triangle (Delta).

The power rating is for intermittent transmissions (100W CW or 150W SSB) and not for AM broadcast use as a much higher power BALUN is required.

Delta Loop Specifications

Max Power 100W CW, 150W PEP
Forward Gain 3.2 dBd max
Dimensions of overall loop 20.28m
Three equal sides 6.76m
Four equal sides 5.07m
Feed Point Balun 4:1 dual core FT140-43
Radiating wire Poly weave flex non kink
Made in the UK by M1ECC Antennas.
Weight 750g

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Delta Loop DX20
Delta Loop DX20