49:1 Transformer for an EFHW

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49:1 Transformer for an EFHW

All you need to do is add your own antenna wire.
80,40,20,15 & 10m with 134 feet of wire.
40,20,15,10 with 67 feet of wire.
Power handling is 100 watts CW SSB / / 25W Data - 50% TX/RX

NO need for a tuner on the lowest band you cut the wire for,
Low vswr on all the other harmonically related bands.
Ideal for home or field use,
If you use an ATU you may get 30, 17 & 12m depending on your setup

For example, if you attach 134ft of wire you will get 80, 40, 20, 15 & 10m
or 67ft of wire will give you 40, 20, 15 & 10m

Ideal for Horizontal, sloper, inverted V, inverted L, Configurations.
Perfect for limited space and stealth applications.

Wire length can be calculated by the following formulas:

Length (feet)= 468/Frequency (MHz) or
Length (meters)=142.5/Frequency (MHz)

Cut your wire a bit longer to allow for tuning to your desired frequency.
Tuning depends on height above ground and nearby objects.
There are so many ways to install the wire so experiment away.
If using for portable use at many different locations it's best not to trim the wire back,
But to simply fold it back on it's self & Tape the wire together to keep it neatly in place.

Grounding at the lug next to the SO-239 connector is recommended !
If being used at your main shack.
As the rf earth connection is really the other half of the antenna & will give the radiating current
more to work against on a good rf ground,
It has the same effect as placing a mirror under a candle for your radiated RF from the antenna.
An RF Ground helps to cure high voltages, Stray RF in the shack, Common mode currents & other nasties we don't want in the shack upsetting the use of our radio equipment.

Type: End Fed Half Wave Wire Antenna.

Frequency range 3.5 to 30Mhz

Power handling is 100 watts CW SSB & 25W Data modes.

2 X FT140-43 Stacked Cores.

Impedance 50 Ohms.

Connector SO-239.

Made in the UK by M1ECC Antennas.

Weight 263g

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